The manner defines how to transfer knowledge, interact with your customers and guarantee results


Much more present than one weekly visit

The new consumer wants to be serviced fast, at the moment that the doubt appears.

In the same consulting business, there will be differences in the way interactions are carried out and in the execution of the product, compared to another.

In practice, we see two inevitable situations in the new model: instantaneous or synchronous support and asynchronous support, in which the consultant has a little more time to reply.
The former solves the matter of availability and immediate contact very well. In the old consulting model, customers communicate with their consultant in specific days or, in the best case, they use e-mail and Whatsapp. In the new consulting model, customers communicate with the consultant whenever they would like to, when they need help or when they have some kind of doubt that prevents them from progressing with the transformation.


Every action generates one reaction

Work must be done together with the customer and not only for the customer. This is essential.

Consulting services must be customized, focused on the transformation desired by the customer and generate memorable results. When we think about the manner, we decide how reactive or how much proactivity a certain project requires. It is here that we define the customer support strategies during the entire journey, from the first call until the delivery of the final results.



Full focus on efficiency. We will eliminate the limiting beliefs that prevent you from living the life that you deserve and would like to have.


Dominate each detail of the operation and deliver to your customers what they want, at the moment that they need it.


Use technology to the maximum extent possible so that your team is dedicated to what brings results and satisfaction.

Do not waste any more time!

It is more than a piece of software. It is everything that you need to attract, sell, manage and interact with your customers in the hybrid model.

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